Along with supplying you with all your reclaimed lumber needs I am also here to supply you with unique and customized artwork. Contact me for any specific ideas you may have ranging from but not to limited to;

  • Water Color Portraits (Person, Pet, House, etc...)

  • Wood Burned Portraits (Person, Pet, House, etc...)

  • Bourbon Barrel Heads w/ Customized message

  • Wedding/ Anniversary Gifts

  • Customized Cutting Boards

  • Customized Coasters

  • Customized Wall hangings

  • Custom or Existing Prints 

Had a great time celebrating the new couple last night! Much love to you two and the rest of the Fra
Also, would like to congratulate two good friends on their marriage last night! It was an absolute b
Forgot to post this one I finished up the other week for my favorite customer _stephmarieklefot11 of
Dun Aengus in Galway .__Another commish I recently finished
Fried chicken._Pyrography on barn siding
_I don't exist.__-Riggan.__Barrel head I finished for the fair last week in between projects
Finally finished Pops for Mom
gambino-page-001 (1)
WOODWORKER. _I just like to dabble. Novice at the very best
Finished and Framed
A little custom wedding gift I did a couple weeks ago for the dawg _tanner.hyland
Mint Julep._Pyrography on barn siding
Ma, look! Another house! _Them trees tho..
Bird up._Pyrography and acrylics on reclaimed poplar barn siding._A few more pieces headed to the sh
Another couple commissions finished for the holidays
Finished with my Christmas present for the big bro with a ton of help from _shadeebradford
Anotha one!_Recent house portrait for a friend gifted to another friend
paint pallets start to look
Another commissioned piece for a wedding gift
Just finished up another commission piece  yesterday._Cedar cross with wood burned tree and outline
Mom jeans are tight
One last commission finished and delivered for Christmas
 the trinity and clover. _Another Christmas commission finished up before the holidays. Thanks guys
Finished and framed. _Thanks to _mollykmccarty for the support, your photogenic pup translated well
Another recent commission finished up last week._Thanks _paulafeiock 😉
Agree to disagree.__First Commission of the year finished
Just finished up another commission of some heavenly doggos. _On to the next
_By order of the Peaky F_€%!%G Blinders__Pyrography and acrylics on bourbon barrel lid.__Cheers to t
_Goku Recycled__Getting nostalgic with this recycled piece from my never ending watercolor scraps
Finished Samurai. See this along with more of my artwork at _thefleaoffmarket this weekend
Rhino on wood._Another fresh piece to add to the market. See some you folks Saturday
Anotha one! _Another commission piece done for the amazing _bmrebalsky13 just in time for the holida
Soft smiles and soft backgrounds. Another finished pup portrait
Finished from the other day. With water colors
Another custom gift finished for the holidays
Elephant on wood


I have been enamored in drawing since I was young. My background is in drawing and painting where I received a degree from the University of Kentucky. Most of my pieces have an emphasis on line work and what can be conveyed by those lines. I try to evoke specific emotions in my work through line, color, and composition. For a long time I had been hard set on a paint brush or pen on paper. While in college and ever since I have sought after different types of "canvas" besides paper and other traditional canvases. I've tried a handful of things but my choice has become wood. This wood comes from old tobacco barns, distilleries, bourbon barrels, and anything else I can find locally. I reclaimed it, recycle and repurpose it. I clean them up and piece up a "canvas" and begin to create, still with a focus on my lines. The wood can speak to me when creating or I can treat it simply as my canvas for whatever my mind can concoct. With this same idea in mind of recycling and repurposing I have also began saving any and everything from my use of materials. I do this so I can return to them later to use the old image or use the randomness of a scrape piece of paper I was using for coloring testing to create something brand new. Trying to get the most out of my consumption of materials. My subject matter ranges from pop culture to our relationship with nature.